Llanarmon yn Ial Bonfire & Fireworks Event to continue, Yes or No?

Adam and Kevin are the Community Councillors on the Bonfire & Fireworks Committee. They want to know if our community should continue with a Bonfire and Fireworks display event? There have been complaints of animals being frightened, and now it is being considered not an eco-friendly event to hold any more. A laser show would be very expensive, so probably not affordable. Volunteers are needed to raise funds and collect wood, if it is to continue. So, please contact llanarmonclerk@yahoo.com with your comments.

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  1. I am a parent to a 10 year old in Llandegla and wehave always loved your bonfire evening. Silent fireworks are not silent, but much quieter and I would recommend those to reduce the stress on the local pets and wildlife. A bonfire can be considered carbon neutral….dry wood is better burnt than left to rot (far less damaging to the environment). I think that without an organised 1 night only bonfire, there would be many more smaller events at people’s homes which will spread out the noise over many more nights. Please keep it going….we love it and wish our village had something similar.

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